Home Renovations in Calgary: Shiplap Style Inspirations for Every Room

Shiplap has transcended its nautical origins to become a staple in interior design, and Calgary homeowners are embracing its versatility with open arms. At Calgary Custom Concepts, we believe that shiplap isn’t just a trend; it’s a timeless design element that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of every room in your home. Join us as we explore shiplap style inspirations tailored for the distinct charm of Calgary residences.

1. Welcoming Entryways: Setting the Tone

Calgary winters can be chilly, but your entryway doesn’t have to be. Transform the first impression of your home by incorporating shiplap on the foyer walls. Opt for a crisp white finish to create a bright and welcoming space that counteracts the winter gloom. A combination of shiplap and a sturdy bench also provides a practical yet stylish solution for removing snowy boots.

2. Cozy Living Rooms: Hearthside Elegance

Infuse warmth into your living room with shiplap accents around the fireplace. Whether you choose a floor-to-ceiling installation or a subtle fireplace surround, the rustic texture of shiplap adds an inviting touch. Play with colors to complement your existing décor; muted tones resonate well in Calgary’s cozy living spaces.

3. Kitchen Charm: Culinary Delight

Take your kitchen from functional to fabulous with shiplap detailing. Consider an accent wall behind open shelves or install shiplap on the kitchen island for a touch of farmhouse chic. The light and airy feel of shiplap can make your kitchen feel larger, especially in Calgary’s compact urban spaces.

4. Tranquil Bedrooms: Dreamy Retreats

Create a serene escape in your bedroom by incorporating shiplap on one or more walls. A white or light-colored shiplap backdrop complements various bedroom aesthetics, from modern to traditional. Enhance the cozy factor with soft textiles and muted lighting, making your bedroom a sanctuary from Calgary’s hustle and bustle.


5. Signature Home Offices: Productivity in Style

Elevate your home office space with a shiplap accent wall. This subtle addition can transform your workspace into a haven of productivity. Choose a calming hue for the shiplap to foster concentration and pair it with sleek, modern furniture for a contemporary Calgary office vibe.

6. Bathroom Bliss: Spa-Like Retreats

Calgary winters call for cozy and luxurious bathrooms. Incorporate shiplap into your bathroom design to create a spa-like retreat. Whether you choose to cover the entire wall or just a portion, shiplap adds texture and interest. Opt for moisture-resistant finishes to withstand Calgary’s changing humidity levels.


Shiplap is more than just a design element; it’s a transformative feature that brings Calgary homes to life. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic, modern, or timeless look, shiplap can adapt to suit your style. These inspirations are just the beginning—let Calgary Custom Concepts help you turn your vision into a stunning reality. Explore the possibilities and make every room in your Calgary home truly chic with shiplap.

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