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Memorial Elegance: Crafting Distinctive Townhomes in Calgary, AB


Jason Saroya, a budding developer, embarked on a transformative journey with Calgary Custom Concepts when he undertook his first solo build at 742 Memorial Drive. The vacant lot held the promise of three townhomes, strategically positioned across from Prince’s Island Park in the heart of Calgary.

The Challenge:

As Jason approached the final stages of his project, he recognized the need for distinctive elements that would set his townhomes apart in the competitive real estate market. Eager to cater to discerning buyers, he sought Calgary Custom Concepts’ expertise in designing and implementing captivating features.

Our Approach:

We collaborated closely with Jason to understand his vision and the lifestyle preferences of the target market. The team identified key areas where unique touches would add significant value, focusing on the living spaces that would leave a lasting impression.

1. Fireplace Design and Installation:

To create a warm and inviting ambiance, we conceptualized and installed custom fireplaces that served as focal points in the living areas. The design seamlessly integrated with the overall aesthetic, enhancing the homes’ appeal and providing a touch of luxury.

2. Bedroom Accent Walls:

Recognizing the importance of personalized spaces, we introduced accent walls in all bedrooms. These bespoke designs added character and visual interest, offering future residents a canvas to express their individuality within the harmonious setting.

3. Coffered Ceilings:

In the pursuit of elegance and sophistication, coffered ceilings were implemented in key areas. This architectural detail not only elevated the aesthetic of the townhomes but also contributed to a sense of grandeur, enhancing the overall living experience.

4. Built-In Media Entertainment Units:

Understanding the modern lifestyle, we incorporated custom-built media entertainment units, seamlessly merging functionality and style. These units provided a streamlined solution for residents, maximizing the use of space while contributing to a contemporary and cohesive design.

5. Skylight Trim Challenge:

Addressing the unique challenge of trimming skylights above the stairwell required innovative solutions. Our team meticulously crafted trim elements that not only complemented the architecture but also allowed natural light to filter through, creating a stunning visual effect.

Project Management and Adaptability:

Calgary Custom Concepts demonstrated agility throughout the project, ensuring timely completion. As unforeseen challenges arose, such as improperly drywalled columns, our team expanded the scope with Jason’s approval, guaranteeing a seamless and polished end result.


The collaboration between Jason Saroya and Calgary Custom Concepts resulted in three townhomes that go beyond the conventional, offering a blend of sophistication, functionality, and individuality. The project not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for premium living on Memorial Drive.

Revitalizing Heritage: A Seamless Transformation of a 120-Year-Old Country Home


This client approached us regarding a 120 year old country home that was half-way through major remodeling. The owner had begun the work on his own, and after realizing the project was more than he was able to take on while balancing work obligations, he requested that we take on and complete the project.

Typically for remodeling companies doing a home remodel project plan, taking over someone else’s work is a red flag, because it is difficult to guage the quality of the work done beforehand, and as we anticipated there was remedial work required to achieve a level of quality we would be satisifed with.

After great efforts from everyone from our team, the project was successfully completed. The space underwent a total transformation, and is now a great space for the homeowner who works remotely from home and he is in the tech industry. This home features modern designs that make maximum use of a small footprint, including large multi-door sliding doors that provide a quiet meeting environment in the office, a sleek and modern kitchen with the latest appliances, and the feature steel, glass and oak staircase. 

Client's Feedback

If you need help with your renovation, don’t look any further.

I am eternally grateful to Nick and his team for the work they did with my century home full-gut renovation. I am so happy with the final product. When people visit, you can see the look on their faces. I always get compliments on the build quality and aesthetic. People tell me “You have a beautiful home.”

Nick is organized, reliable, and pays attention to the smallest details. He went out of his way to tackle unexpected challenges to make sure that the job was done to the highest standard without any stress at all. I was never worried during the 3 months he spent during which time I only visited the place once. I don’t think there is a challenge he could not handle. All renovations have surprises, but he truly took it on as his job, as if he was building his own home, and not just for a customer.

Some of the works he did include installing 2 large sliding doors, all the windows, a wonderful monorail stringer stair, the light fixtures, hardwood flooring, window and baseboard trim, coffered ceilings, all the doors and hardware, kitchen install including building custom cabinets, appliance install, a few more custom cabinets for the rec room and office, and more.

The place is completely different. He earned my trust, and I was able to leave him with the key and return and be in awe with how good everything looks. There was a short punch list at the end that he took care of with no issues.

Not only did he do all this work, but he also made sure that upon my arrival everything was scrubbed clean, and all trash removed so that it was truly that HGTV feeling.

During the hardwood install, one of the light fixtures fell, and he took care of that with no problems. If I ever do another renovation, I’ll be giving Nick a call.


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